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“Contents,” Liahona, Jan. 2001, 2–3


January 2001

Volume 25 Number 1

Home Teaching and Visiting Teaching

There are no designated home teaching or visiting teaching messages printed in the general conference issues of the Liahona. After prayerfully considering the needs of the members they visit, home teachers and visiting teachers are to choose a general conference address as a message.

On the cover: “Bring Forth the Record,” by Gary L. Kapp.

Inside front: General Conference Session, by Joy Gough. The new Conference Center fulfills its purpose during a session of the Church’s 170th Semiannual General Conference, accommodating 21,000 members gathered to hear inspired counsel from General Authorities. Still, when there were more who desired to hear, they spilled over into the 900-seat Conference Center Theater, the Tabernacle and Assembly Hall on Temple Square, and rooms in the nearby Joseph Smith Memorial Building.

Inside back: Millennial Beehive House, by Grant Romney Clawson. Erected in 1854, the Beehive House on the corner of South Temple and State Streets in Salt Lake City was originally the home of President Brigham Young. The two rooms on the west (left) served as Church presidential offices until 1918. The house today is a focal point for visitors who want to know more about its remarkable builder and his times.

Photos of conference were taken by Craig Dimond, Welden C. Andersen, John Luke, Matt Reier, Tamra Ratieta, Lana Leishman, Kelly Larsen, Nathan Campbell, Kelli Pratt, Diana Miles, and Richard M. Romney.