Sharing Time: Let Your Light Shine
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“Sharing Time: Let Your Light Shine,” Liahona, Oct. 2000, 8

Sharing Time:

Let Your Light Shine

“Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven” (Matt. 5:16).

Eleven-year-old Mitchell won an international art contest about saving the rain forest. His prize was a trip to the rain forest in Brazil for himself and his mother. During his trip, he saw many interesting insects, animals, plants, and trees. While there, he climbed a high tower and heard his echo as he sang out over the tall trees.

When they returned from the trip, Mitchell and his mother attended a dinner for the contest participants. Someone who had heard Mitchell sing in the rain forest invited him to sing at the dinner. “Oh, no!” he said. He felt shy in front of so many people.

During the dinner, when people learned that Mitchell and his family were members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, someone asked, “Mormons aren’t Christians, are they?” Mitchell’s mother quickly assured everyone that Latter-day Saints are indeed Christians. She explained that the Savior’s name is part of the Church’s name.

As Mitchell heard their questions, he changed his mind about singing. He stood and sang:

I feel my Savior’s love

In all the world around me.

His Spirit warms my soul

Through ev’rything I see.

He knows I will follow him,

Give all my life to him.

I feel my Savior’s love,

The love he freely gives me.

(Children’s Songbook, 74–75; Tambulilit, March 1994, 6–7)

After the song, no one doubted that Mitchell loved the Savior and that he was a Christian. Mitchell had let his light shine.

Even while you are young, you can let your light shine. You can have faith in Jesus Christ. You can pray to Heavenly Father. You can share the gospel by being a friend to others. You might even sing your testimony, as Mitchell did! As you let your light shine, you are keeping your baptismal covenant.


The object of this game is to bring a friend to the light. As you play, you will discover many important ways to let your light shine.

Mount these two pages on heavy paper. Cut out the cards and place them facedown. Each player puts a marker (a button or pebble) for himself or herself and a second one for a “friend” on the “Start” square. Players draw cards, read them aloud, then move their and their friends’ markers the number of spaces on the card. If a player lands on a light, he or she moves both markers ahead one more space. Continue until all players and their friends reach the large light.

You do not gossip or talk about others. Move AHEAD 3 spaces.

You invite some new children to play with you. Move AHEAD 2 spaces.

You take a gift to your new neighbors. Move AHEAD 2 spaces.

You see someone being left out and invite her or him to eat lunch with you. Move AHEAD 3 spaces.

You don’t speak up when someone else is blamed for something you did. Move BACK 4 spaces.

You say you will be at a friend’s at 4:00. You are there promptly. Move AHEAD 3 spaces.

You cut in line at the playground. Move BACK 3 spaces.

You say something good about someone when others are being unkind. Move AHEAD 3 spaces.

You help an elderly neighbor. Move AHEAD 4 spaces.

You invite a friend to a Primary activity. Move AHEAD 2 spaces.

When someone does well at school, you compliment him or her. Move AHEAD 3 spaces.

You borrow a toy from your friend and don’t return it. Move BACK 3 spaces.

You leave your toys where people can stumble over them. Move BACK 2 spaces.

You are team captain and include someone who is seldom chosen. Move AHEAD 3 spaces.

You play loud music and disturb the neighbors. Move BACK 4 spaces.

You join your family in inviting another family for a family home evening. Move AHEAD 2 spaces.

You tell your friend about a ward or branch activity and invite her or him to attend. Move AHEAD 2 spaces.

You and your family help with a neighborhood cleanup project. Move AHEAD 3 spaces.

You help your family keep your home and yard clean. Move AHEAD 2 spaces.

You remember to say please and thank you. Move AHEAD 2 spaces.

You throw candy wrappers out the bus window. Move BACK 3 spaces.

You make plans to play with a friend. Another friend calls. You play with her or him instead. Move BACK 2 spaces.


Illustrated by Thomas S. Child

Sharing Time Ideas

  1. Ask four or five members of the ward or branch to share their experiences and feelings about the priesthood. For example, ask a returned missionary to share an experience from his or her mission; a priesthood leader to talk about holding and honoring the priesthood; a sister to tell how the priesthood blesses her life; a member of the bishopric or branch presidency to talk about his calling; and a priest to tell about blessing the sacrament. Divide the children into groups and have them move from speaker to speaker. When all are gathered together again, ask what they learned.

  2. Ask the children what they can do to be missionaries. Talk about being honest, helping neighbors, befriending those who are left out, inviting friends to Primary, and so on. As each idea is suggested, have the children become a “living picture” by posing to depict that thing. Have them sing songs or hymns that correlate with each suggestion. Remind them that every one of us is a member of the Church because of a missionary. Suggest they ask their parents how their first family member learned about the gospel. Conclude by bearing your testimony.