Preparing for Life’s Storms
March 2000

“Preparing for Life’s Storms,” Liahona, Mar. 2000, 12–13

Preparing for Life’s Storms

In northern Germany where I live, winter’s snowstorms had taken their time coming. So I didn’t pay any attention to the prediction of snow on the radio that particular morning. If the weather does happen to change, I thought, I’ll already be home. I left to catch the bus—not warmly dressed at all.

By the time school let out, it was snowing heavily, and after I got off the bus, I had to ride my bike the rest of the way home. I was angry with myself for ignoring the weather forecast on the radio.

The sharp east wind blew against me, and small snowflakes whipped into my face like a thousand pins. An icy shiver crawled over my body. The way home was not only difficult but painful.

When I finally arrived home, I changed clothes and watched the snowstorm from the comfort of my room. It occurred to me then that life can be compared to my experience that day.

We know that at times in life our faith and obedience will be put to the test, yet we sometimes ignore warnings and don’t prepare ourselves sufficiently to resist temptation. I know from personal experience we can find ourselves in precarious situations more quickly than we would like. Spiritual preparation can help us know what our Father in Heaven desires for us, and preparation makes it possible for our spirits to govern our bodies when we are tempted. Preparing is far better than experiencing the pains of sin.

Each of us should prepare for the coming storms of life, even when we don’t see them over the next horizon.

Detail from Christ and the Rich Young Ruler, by Heinrich Hofmann

Illustrated by Brian Call