“Comment,” Liahona, Oct. 1999, 1


Sharing the Magazine in Libraries

When I read the article “A Magazine for All the World,” in the October 1998 Seito no Michi (Japanese), I decided to act on the suggestion that the branch present the public library with a copy of the magazine. I was able to place the magazine in the library, due in part to the service the sister missionaries give at the library and the courteous example of the elders. I hope it will be read there by many people.

Satsuki Sato,
Nemuro Branch, Kushiro Japan District

“His Sacrifice Is Always in My Mind”

During Easter 1998 I received the Riaona (Kiribati). In reading the Riaona, I felt the love of God when He offered Jesus Christ as an atonement for our sins. I cannot forget it, and His sacrifice is always in my mind, strengthening and edifying me spiritually. As a result, I have made up my mind to work in His kingdom, and my prayer is that He will look after me with His kindness and love.

Roaineta I. Boboia,
Bikenibeu Ward, Tarawa Kiribati Stake

A Support in Difficult Moments

Being able to read the Liahona (Spanish) is truly a great blessing for me. The messages from the First Presidency especially lift my spirits. Each time I read them, an incredible peace unlike anything I have felt in my life comes over me. I can feel the influence of the Holy Ghost when our prophet speaks to us.

I am also pleased to read the articles from members all over the world, especially the Questions and Answers section, because it helps us young Latter-day Saints know how to confront our problems. The magazine is my support in difficult moments.

Raúl Soliz Chavarría,
Oruro Moderno Ward, Oruro Bolivia Stake