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“Comment,” Liahona, Sept. 1998, 1


Beautiful Presentations

While I was reading the August 1997 issue of A Liahona (Portuguese), I realized, especially when I read “A Stitch in Time,” that the photographs and artwork have a great influence. I would like to thank the inspired and talented people who illustrate the books, manuals, teaching aids, and magazines published by the Church.

Giuliana Oliveira Giusti,
Baeta Neves Ward, São Bernardo Brazil Stake

My Mission Language

I am grateful to our loving Heavenly Father that the Church publishes a magazine in so many languages and that many of Father’s children can receive the messages of his servants, the prophets.

I am grateful to receive Lys over Norge (Norwegian) so that I can read these important messages in the language I learned in the Norway Oslo Mission.

Armando García Martínez,
Ventura First Ward, Ventura California Stake

[Editors’ note: Any of the 31 language editions of the International Magazines can be delivered to any mailing address anywhere in the world. A list of these editions can be found in the first column on this page. If you are interested in receiving the magazine in any of these languages, contact your Church distribution center.]

One of My Best Decisions

Subscribing to the Liahona (Spanish) was one of the best decisions I ever made. What I have learned and received from reading it has been a great blessing to me.

I am especially grateful for the August 1997 First Presidency Message by President Gordon B. Hinckley. This message helped me better understand the meaning of life and the path that leads to happiness.

Mildred I. Tumbaco Solis,
Jipijapa First Branch, Jipijapa Ecuador District

Overcoming Spiritual Fatigue

After four years as a member of the Church, I have learned that no matter how strong our faith is, we can all suffer moments of spiritual fatigue. It was in the temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints that I learned how to overcome my own spiritual fatigue. There I learned where I came from and where I am going.

Pascal Felix Mbolozi Kiamana,
Fribourg Branch, Geneva Switzerland Stake