Primary—How Great Is Our Joy!

“Primary—How Great Is Our Joy!” Liahona, June 1998, 48


How Great Is Our Joy!

How grateful I am to serve in the Primary! I feel that children are born to praise, love, and glorify the name of Heavenly Father. How interested they are when I share with them the scriptures and the messages and counsel of our living prophet! Children—our own and those we teach in Primary—expect a lot from us; they recognize that we love them.

I currently serve as president of the Antananarivo Madagascar District Primary. The Primary children of our district took part in the Children’s Sesquicentennial Art Exhibit sponsored by the Museum of Church History and Art in Salt Lake City. How great was the joy of our children when they received their certificates of appreciation!

As a pioneer of the Church in our country, I know that Primary is one of the foundation blocks of the Church. How great is our joy as we testify of Jesus Christ to the children of Madagascar and—through them—to the entire world!

Like Sister Ranaivojaona, above right, Primary workers from the Antananarivo Fourth Branch, above and right, share their gospel joy with the children they teach. (Photography by Ronald L. Knighton and Merwin Waite.)