Some Ideas for Those Who Move
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“Some Ideas for Those Who Move,” Liahona, Nov. 1997, 27

Some Ideas for Those Who Move

Several years ago my husband received a job promotion, and we moved to another state. During the first few weeks in our new home I was often lonely and depressed.

One day a letter came from my former Relief Society president. She wrote that she, too, had been the new sister in several wards and had always found the transition to be difficult. She shared the following ideas with me:

  1. Don’t wait for people sitting next to you to introduce themselves; introduce yourself first!

  2. Tell ward members that you’re happy to be in the area and look forward to getting to know them better. A positive attitude draws people to you.

  3. Look for someone who needs you.

  4. Ask the Relief Society or priesthood quorum leaders for a visiting teaching or home teaching route.

  5. Ask the Relief Society or priesthood quorum leaders for the names of ward members who share your interests. Then introduce yourself.

  6. Take advantage of this lull in your life to do some of those things you’ve never had time to do before.

  7. Don’t forget that you are a child of God and have a lot to offer.

By following these suggestions, I soon became comfortable in my new ward. I will always appreciate my friend’s thoughtfulness in helping to ease my transition.

Photograph by Greg Frei