“Comment,” Liahona, Dec. 1996, 1


    A Help for Missionary Work

    Thank you for the Liahona (Russian). The magazine helps our missionary work a lot and helps us better understand the great plan of our Father in Heaven. I read the articles of our leaders with special attention; after all, they are revelation for us today! I would especially like to thank the Translation Department. The way they translate everything so accurately and beautifully is simply wonderful!

    Elder Felix Pankratov,
    Russia Rostov Mission

    Answer to Prayer

    My greatest desire is to go on a mission and serve our Heavenly Father. But because my family does not support me in this desire, one day I began to wonder if I could go and if I ought to go. After praying and reading the scriptures, I opened the Relief Society Personal Study Guide and found a lesson on preparing to serve a mission. A few days later, I was reading the December 1995 Liahona (Spanish), and I was really impressed by the article “The Days of Domingos Liao” and all that Domingos had to go through. In a way, his experience was much like mine. The strength that he had has given me strength.

    I know that our Father in Heaven answered me through these writings and that he wants me to be a missionary. I am grateful to him for these answers to my prayers.

    Roxana Margarita Galeano Sanabria,
    Quezaltepeque Branch, El Salvador San Salvador West Mission

    Pearl of Great Price

    A Liahona (Portuguese) has been for me a “pearl of great price.” It is not only a magazine, it is a blessing from heaven. In the Book of Mormon, King Benjamin sent his words to those who could not hear him. He said, “Open your ears that ye may hear, and your hearts that ye may understand, and your minds that the mysteries of God may be unfolded to your view” (Mosiah 2:9).

    I believe that we will have these blessings in our lives if we listen to the words of the prophets in A Liahona.

    Elder Antonio
    Brazil São Paulo North Mission

    In My Mind and Heart

    Jesus Christ is always in my mind and heart. I am grateful to him for giving his life for us, that we can return to the presence of our Father in Heaven. To gain a testimony of the Savior, I had to place my faith in him and come to know him through reading the scriptures and through fasting and praying. During the Christmas season, when we get together to think about Christ and his birth, we should let him knock on the doors of our hearts, so that our lives can be filled with truth and happiness.

    Dalia Ybarra
    Guayaquil, Ecuador