“Comment,” Liahona, Mar. 1996, 1


    Gift Subscriptions

    I have subscribed to Valkeus (Finnish) from the time I was baptized some 12 years ago. Thank you very much for a wonderful magazine. It fills my life with spirituality and the joy of the gospel. I enjoy sharing my testimony of the divinity of the Church, and Valkeus has been like a missionary companion to me. I send gift subscriptions to friends and share my personal copy with anyone expressing an interest in it.

    Irene Kangas
    Palm Beach Ward, Pompano Beach Florida Stake

    Beautiful Examples

    I am a Filipino living in Singapore and cannot always get to church because of my work. I love reading the Liahona (English). It is a great strength to me and provides spiritual support in my life. I am touched as I read of the beautiful examples of my brothers and sisters living the gospel in other parts of the world.

    Erlinda L. Rojas

    Missionary Magazine

    As a missionary, I use articles from A Liahona (Portuguese) as special lesson material to augment the missionary discussions. For example, one lady accepted the discussions but could not make the final decision for baptism. She felt the spirit of love and caring expressed in “I Knew She’d Be Here Today” (August 1994) and was baptized.

    My companion and I started teaching a young lady who had heard the discussions before, but she still did not know that the Church was true. I asked her to read the conversion articles “Wanting a Miracle” (February 1994) and “I Expected Miracles” (October 1993). She was later baptized.

    I am grateful for a magazine that helps us so much.

    José Ricardo B. de Madeiros
    Divinópolis Branch, Contagem Brazil Stake

    Articles Touch My Spirit

    I am thankful for the help the Liahona (English) has been to me the six years I have been a Latter-day Saint. The articles touch my spirit and help strengthen my testimony.

    Aloha Clarito
    Tacurong Branch, Marbel Philippines District