New Testament Personalities
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“New Testament Personalities,” Tambuli, Mar. 1995, 12

New Testament Personalities

Each person described below is mentioned in the New Testament.

  1. I lived in the desert. Locusts and honey were my food. I held the Aaronic Priesthood. When it was time for Jesus to be baptized, he came to me. Who am I? (see Matt. 3:1–4, 13–17).

  2. In the Old Testament I was known as Noah. In the New Testament I appeared to Zacharias, the father of John the Baptist, and to Mary, the mother of Jesus. Who am I? (see Luke 1:5–19, 26–33).

  3. I was a Pharisee and a ruler among the Jews. I came to visit Jesus at night. I knew that he was a great teacher and that he came from God. I asked him how a man could be born again. Who am I? (see John 3:1–13).

  4. I was a carpenter. An angel appeared to me to tell me that Mary, my wife, was to be the mother of Jesus. Who am I? (see Matt. 1:18–21; Matt. 13:53–55).


  • (1) John the Baptist, (2) Gabriel, (3) Nicodemus, (4) Joseph.

Illustrated by Denise Kirby