“Comment,” Tambuli, Feb. 1995, 1


    The Only Link

    There was a time in my life when I was less active in the Church. Outings and beach parties were my Sabbath priorities. At that time, the only link I had with the Church and the gospel of Jesus Christ was the Tambuli (English), which my mother would bring home every month. As I looked through the pages of the magazine, I found it had rich, spiritual messages, testimonies, and stories. I loved to read the uplifting messages of the First Presidency and the testimonies of our brothers and sisters all over the world. As I read through each issue, it made me feel closer to the Church and to our Heavenly Father.

    The Tambuli is one instrument that brought me back to the Church. I’ll never tire of reading this magazine. Now I am actively engaged in the Church and all its activities, and I still look forward to our monthly copy of the Tambuli.

    Sonia P. Antiqueña
    Iloilo City Ward, Iloilo Philippines Stake

    Articles Bring the Spirit to Africa

    We are so grateful for the Church magazines. We are French members of the Church living in equatorial Africa, far from any Church meetings (the Church is not yet organized here). Along with prayer and scripture study, L’Etoile (French), which we receive each month, helps us to stay close to the Lord. We are deeply touched by the wonderful articles in this magazine. In our readings, the spirit that we felt at sacrament meeting in France is very present.

    François and Anne-Marie Biller
    Libreville, Gabon

    The Spirit Takes Charge

    I am a young mother with the enormous responsibility of guiding in the way of the Lord two special young girls who are precious gifts from my Heavenly Father. I have a deep appreciation in my heart for this and for being a member of his church here on earth. The Church is a compass to guide me in happiness and truth.

    A Liahona (Portuguese) has great power in my life, and every time I read it I feel great love for our prophet, a true representative of the Lord. I feel the Spirit of God taking charge of my soul and my home.

    Maria Lucia L. M. de Oliveira
    Cequeira Cesar Ward, São Paulo Brazil Perdizes Stake

    A Guiding Light on the Righteous Path

    Seito no Michi (Japanese) gives me courage, helps me, and guides me. It cheers me up. After reading this magazine, I am filled with good feelings in my heart. I am thankful for this great publication; it is a precious treasure for me and my family. Reading articles and stories about brothers and sisters from all over the world gives me strength and helps me realize that all kinds of people in different places are trying their best.

    I like to share this wonderful magazine with others. I always take my Seito no Michi with me when I go somewhere or when I have to wait for a long time. This way, I can read it when I want to, and I don’t have to turn my attention to other magazines in the world. Seito no Michi is a guiding light on the righteous path.

    Noriko Ono
    Kurashiki Ward, Okayama Japan Stake