Sharing Time: The Plan of Salvation Offers Me Peace

    “Sharing Time: The Plan of Salvation Offers Me Peace,” Tambuli, Mar. 1994, 8

    Sharing Time:

    The Plan of Salvation Offers Me Peace

    “This is the plan of salvation unto all men” (Moses 6:62).

    Where did you come from? Why are you here on earth? Where will you go when your life on earth is over? Heavenly Father answered these questions when he gave us the plan of salvation—his plan for his children:

    Where did you come from? You came from heaven, where you lived with your Heavenly Parents as a spirit child.

    Why are you here on earth? You came to earth to gain a body and to show that you can keep Heavenly Father’s commandments and learn to live like Jesus.

    Where will you go when your life on earth is over? You will go to a spirit world where you will be loved. You will wait there until the time of resurrection and judgment. Jesus is the Savior and has paid for all our sins. If you have turned eight years old and become accountable, have faith, and have repented and been baptized, you will be forgiven of your sins. In heaven are three separate kingdoms, or places of glory—the telestial (lowest), the terrestrial (middle), and the celestial (highest) kingdoms. If you have kept the commandments in a valiant way, you will go to the celestial kingdom to enjoy eternal life with Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.

    When we learned, in our pre-earth life, about the plan of salvation, we were so excited that we shouted for joy. (See Job 38:7.) We know that we followed the first part of Heavenly Father’s plan, because we’re here on earth. And we can continue to follow his plan by keeping the commandments. In this way, with the help of the Savior, we can return home to Heavenly Father and Jesus someday. Understanding the plan of salvation brings us peace.


    1. Remove page 9, color the plan of salvation cut-outs, and cut them out.

      Cut outs

      Illustrated by Neil Brown

    2. Cut off the plan of salvation chart and mount it on lightweight cardboard.

    3. Read the scripture references and paste the cut-outs where they belong on the chart.

    Sharing Time Ideas

    1. Use pictures and help children retell or role-play stories from the lives of people in the scriptures—such as Joseph, Moses, Esther, Nephi, and Paul—who have followed God’s plan for them here on earth.

    2. Using the plan of salvation stickers as a pattern, help younger children make mobiles (see Sharing Time, Tambulilit, June 1993, page 7) or necklaces as reminders of God’s plan for them.

    3. Sing “I Know My Father Lives” (Children’s Songbook, page 5) and “I Am a Child of God” (Children’s Songbook, page 2; Hymns, page 301). Then have each child create pages for his or her Book of Peace (see Sharing Time, Tambulilit, February 1994, page 10) by illustrating one of the songs.

    4. Talk with the children about how following the first principles and ordinances of the gospel and studying the scriptures help us learn to keep Heavenly Father’s commandments and live like Jesus. Have children sing Primary songs that relate to these subjects.

    5. Invite a faithful member of your ward or branch to testify and share experiences about how God’s plan and His guidance have helped him or her during his or her life.