A Month of Goals
June 1993

“A Month of Goals,” Tambuli, June 1993, 33, 35

A Month of Goals

Cut out each of the goals on pages 33 and 35 and put them in a jar. Then draw one out each day of the month and try to reach it.

TODAY I’ll concentrate on repenting of something I really need to clear up in my life.

TODAY I’ll do something good on my own, without waiting to be told or reminded.

TODAY I’ll be glad I’m different from the world, and I’ll realize that people will respect me if I live up to my beliefs.

TODAY I’ll keep working on whatever it is that I’m doing and I won’t give up until it’s finished.

TODAY I’ll concentrate on the things I like most about myself and forget about what I don’t like.

TODAY I’ll listen to a friend and be patient with his or her problems.

TODAY I’ll try to see myself and everyone else as the Lord sees us—as people of great worth.

TODAY I’ll review what I’ve accomplished in the past year.

TODAY I’ll forget about what I want and will think about what I can do to help others become happier.

TODAY I’ll do something special for someone else just to brighten their day.

TODAY I’ll keep a sincere prayer in my heart all day long.

TODAY I’ll give encouragement to someone who needs it.

TODAY I’ll concentrate on how much Heavenly Father loves me.

TODAY I’ll do something that’s difficult for me—something I’ve been putting off for a long time.

TODAY I’ll do my best at something, then give myself a pat on the back.

TODAY I’ll try to make my family glad I’m one of them by being really nice to them all.

TODAY I’ll really listen for the still, small voice and obey the spiritual promptings I receive.

TODAY I’ll learn something I didn’t know about one of my ancestors.

TODAY I won’t do something I know I shouldn’t.

TODAY I won’t be envious of what others have or of what they can do.

TODAY I’ll keep my thoughts pure and positive all day long.

TODAY I’ll try to act as if the Savior were standing right next to me.

TODAY I’ll write a letter to my parents and say how much I appreciate them.

TODAY I’ll get involved in something worthwhile that benefits others.

TODAY I’ll make sure I’m absolutely honest in all the things I say and do.

TODAY I’ll stop trying to be something I’m not—and enjoy who I am.

TODAY I won’t judge someone who is different from me. I’ll try to appreciate him or her.

TODAY I’ll memorize a scripture and apply it to my own life.

TODAY I’ll let a teacher know how much he or she has helped me.

TODAY I’ll count my blessings and make a list of them.

TODAY I’ll express love or gratitude to someone.

Photography by John Luke