Time Capsule

“Time Capsule,” Tambuli, Mar. 1993, 16

Time Capsule

For a family home evening activity, put together a time capsule. Make a list of items that could be put in the capsule. It might include:

  • List of your favorite foods

  • Picture of yourself or family

  • List of favorite family activities or hobbies

  • Names of best friends, teachers, or baby-sitters

  • Titles of favorite books

  • Mementos of special events

  • Your favorite scripture or scripture story and why it is important to you

  • Newspaper headlines or clippings that mean something special to you

  • List of personal or family goals

  • Something funny that happened to you

  • Pictures of family pets

  • Drawing of something special you’ve done recently

  • Small toy, special rock, seashell, etc., that you like

  • List of favorite school subjects

Find a box with a lid to put all of the items in. During the activity, have each person in the family talk about the items he is putting into the box. When all of the items are in the box, put the lid on it and tape it shut. On the outside, write the date it was sealed and the date it is to be opened; then store the box somewhere. Remember that all the things put into the time capsule will be sealed up until the time your family decides the box should be opened. You might want to do this activity once every year, opening last year’s box, then filling a new box.

Illustrated by Dick Brown