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“Comment,” Tambuli, Sept. 1992, 1


Modern-day Tower

The Liahona (Spanish) reminds me of King Benjamin when he stood on a tower to communicate the will of our Heavenly Father to the people. (See Mosiah 2:8.)

Today, the Lord’s prophet communicates with the Saints by means of many modern-day “towers,” including the Church magazine. We are blessed to have the magazine in our own language, so that we may study and cherish the word of God.

Raúl Edgardo Cárcamo, J.
La Lima Ward, La Lima Honduras Stake

Beautiful Experience

I have hesitated for a long time, but now I feel I must write to thank you for the wonderful articles in Der Stern (German). One of the articles (“Temples and Work Therein,” Elder David B. Haight, October 1990 general conference) led me to have one of the most beautiful experiences of my life.

I was baptized in February 1991 and received a copy of the January 1991 issue containing the conference report. After reading Elder Haight’s talk, I decided I would be baptized for my deceased mother as soon as I could go to the temple. Later, my mother appeared to me by my bed and told me she would accept her baptism.

I will be eternally grateful to my Heavenly Father for a spiritual experience I shall never forget—an experience that came through reading the magazine.

Erika Giesen
Gluckstadt Ward, Neumunster Germany Stake

Burning Zeal

I want to thank you for a fantastic magazine. Lys over Norge (Norwegian) is beautifully designed. The articles often have lifted me from being spiritually depressed to having a burning desire to live the gospel of Jesus Christ.

I was particularly appreciative of the magazine when I served in the military. I was the only Latter-day Saint, and the articles helped lift my spirits and often made me cry tears of joy.

Terje Hoel
Moss Ward, Oslo Norway Stake