“Contents,” Tambuli, Aug. 1992


    August 1992

    Volume 16, Number 8

    On the cover: “We continue at a breathtaking pace to become a Church serving most of the world,” writes Elder John K. Carmack. But, he says, despite cultural differences, we can find “unity in diversity.” (See page 26.) Illustrated by Roger Loveless.

    Back cover: In recent years, the Church has seen a dramatic surge in growth as people around the world accept the gospel of Jesus Christ. As Church members have then moved to other areas of the world, many wards and stakes have become culturally and ethnically diverse. With this diversity comes the challenge to maintain unity among the Saints—to be at one with God and with each other. (See “Unity in Diversity,” page 26.) (Photograph by Marvin K. Gardner.)

    Inside back cover: Mormon Bids Farewell to a Once Great Nation, by Arnold Friberg.