October 1991

“Comment,” Tambuli, Oct. 1991, 1


Please Bless Kathy

This is the first time I have written to you, although I regularly read Seito no Michi (Japanese).

I was impressed with the article “Please Bless Kathy” by Trina Hassled in the September 1990 issue of the magazine. As a young woman, Trina felt embittered because she had been rejected by Church members her own age. Over a long period of time, she learned to love her persecutors by praying for them.

Although it is understandable that such persecution may be found in school or in the work place, it is tragic when it happens in the Church. It is of little value attending our Church meetings and studying the scriptures if we fail to live the principles of the gospel. For those of us who are fortunate to have a testimony of the gospel and who are active in the Church, we need to reach out to others who are weak or who have been hurt. We should do as the Savior would do.

I was happy to read that Trina learned the importance of forgiveness after enduring persecution. As a teenager, I was similarly persecuted, although I was never able to bring myself to forgive those who ill-treated me. Because I could not forgive others, my life has been affected. However, I respect Trina, and I would like to follow her example.

Manami Omura
Kakogawa Ward
Kobe Japan Stake

Divine Link

I am a convert to the Church. My conversion began in a bakery where I noticed a young man who seemed to stand out from those around him. I was curious to know what made him different, and I asked him what church he belonged to. As he responded to my question, his missionary companion joined us. When I asked them how I could know more about their church, they scheduled an appointment to visit with me in my apartment.

On the day of their visit, I sensed a calmness and serenity about the two young men, Elder Eric Dorr Hansen and Elder Paulo Alves da Silva. Through the promptings of the Holy Ghost, I felt their message was inspired and true, and I accepted it.

The Holy Ghost recently helped me to reach out to a sister who was experiencing a difficult phase in her life. I shared with her the talk given by President Elaine L. Jack, Relief Society general president, at the September 1990 General Women’s Meeting. (See “These Things Are Manifested unto Us Plainly,” Ensign, November 1990, page 88.) In her talk, President Jack referred to the story of the Savior offering the woman at the well the waters of “everlasting life.” (See John 4:14.)

How grateful I am for the Holy Ghost. That divine link with Deity has not only helped me personally, but it has also helped me bring courage and comfort to someone in need.

Acir Raposo de Faria
Bela Vista Ward
São Paulo Brazil Stake