What Am I?
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“What Am I?” Tambuli, Oct. 1989, 8

What Am I?

1. To protect me, Ammoron put me in the Hill Shim. (See Morm. 1:3.)

2. Mormon hid most of me in the Hill Cumorah and gave a few of me to his son, Moroni. (See Morm. 6:6.)

3. The Lord said that I am not to be used to make money. (See Morm. 8:14.)

4. Reformed Egyptian characters have been written on me. (See Morm. 9:32.)

5. Moroni put me in a stone box and covered me with a large rock. Many years later Moroni appeared to Joseph Smith and told him about me. (See Morm. 8:4; JS—H 1:33–34, 51–52.)

What am I?

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