What Can I Do to Be a Missionary?
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“What Can I Do to Be a Missionary?” Tambuli, June 1987, 5

What Can I Do to Be a Missionary?

Here are fourteen things you can do to be a missionary. Make a check by an item each time you do it. During family home evening, challenge the members of your family to do some of the items from the list.

  1. Memorize at least one scripture every month.

  2. Invite nonmember friends to come to your home after school to play.

  3. Start, or add to, your savings for a mission.

  4. Write a letter to a missionary.

  5. Pray morning and night.

  6. Attend Church meetings and listen well.

  7. Obey the Word of Wisdom.

  8. Attend a friend’s baptism.

  9. Pray for the missionaries.

  10. Say hello to two new people at school.

  11. Give someone a Book of Mormon with your testimony written inside.

  12. Suggest that a nonmember or inactive family be invited to family home evening.

  13. Bear your testimony in sacrament meeting.

  14. Give referrals of nonmembers to missionaries.

Illustrated by Shauna Mooney