What Can I Say? What Can I Do?

“What Can I Say? What Can I Do?” Tambuli, July 1978, 26

What Can I Say?

What Can I Do?

Directions: Carefully remove pages from magazine and glue to heavy paper or lightweight cardboard. Cut out shapes, fold on broken lines, and tape open edges to each other. Now tape the two halves together to form a dodecahedron (twelve-sided solid).

Forming a dodecahedron
Forming a dodecahedron

To play this game, sit in a circle with family or friends and toss the ball to someone. The side of the ball that’s on top when it is caught has a question that the person must answer. It also has the number of points for a correct answer. If the question is answered correctly, add the points to that person’s score. Now the “ball” is tossed to another player to answer a question. The same answer must not be repeated for any question. When “What can I say?” or “What can I do?” is on top, the player may answer any question on the ball. The game may last as long as you want. The winner is the person with the highest score at the end of the playing time.

What can I say—

What can I do—

To my teacher about the Church? 1

When my Sunday School teacher asks me to bring a nonmember friend to church? 1

When someone asks me why I am a Mormon? 2

To get ready for my mission? 3

In my prayers to help missionaries? 1

For a friend who isn’t a member? 2

When my friends want me to miss church and play instead? 3

When the bishop asks my family to be missionaries to a neighbor? 3

To my nonmember friends about what I believe? 2

To help the missionaries where I live? 1