Church History
Part 1: Rise and Go, October 1845–August 1852

“Part 1: Rise and Go, October 1845–August 1852,” Saints: The Story of the Church of Jesus Christ in the Latter Days, Volume 2, No Unhallowed Hand, 1846–1893 (2020)

“Part 1,” Saints, Volume 2

Part 1

Rise and Go

October 1845–August 1852

Lo! a mighty host of Jacob

Tented on the western shore

Of the noble Mississippi,

Which they had been crossing o’er;

At the last day’s dawn of winter,

Bound with frost and wrapt in snow:

Hark! the sound is onward, onward!

Camp of Israel! rise and go.

Eliza R. Snow, “Song for the Camp of Israel”

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