Restoration and Church History
Filipino Saints Abroad

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Filipino Saints Abroad

Only three countries—the United States, Mexico, and Brazil—have more Latter-day Saint residents than the more than 750,000 Church members who live in the Philippines. Because many Filipinos migrate temporarily or permanently overseas for work, Filipino Latter-day Saints have also built up the Church throughout the rest of the world, especially in the United States and Canada, in the Middle East, and in nearby countries in Asia.

Filipino Latter-day Saints have contributed their talents to their host countries in many ways. Some, such as singer Lani Misalucha, have distinguished themselves in entertainment. Others, such as Astrid Tuminez, have distinguished themselves as scholars and leaders. Many have found work in domestic settings, often working long hours for other families so they can support their own families at home. In Hong Kong, the faithfulness of these Saints has led to important innovations in how the Church is administered. Because domestic workers’ day off varies, special branches have been organized to meet during the week instead of Sunday. And though temples are normally closed on Sundays, the Hong Kong China Temple opens on a Sunday once each quarter for those who have only Sunday off and wish to devote their precious time to performing ordinances for those who have gone before.