Restoration and Church History
Belarus: Overview

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A Brief History of the Church in


Map of Belarus


The first Latter-day Saint converts in Belarus were baptized in the early spring of 1993. As their numbers began to grow, Elder Russell M. Nelson of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles visited with them in Minsk. He recognized Belarusians’ unique cultural traditions and history and prayed for the country and “its heroic people.”

Belarusian Latter-day Saints have found many opportunities to “show forth good examples” of Christian service (Alma 17:11). In addition to sharing their faith with friends and family, Church members in Belarus have sought to improve the lives of their fellow citizens of different faiths. In 1993 they formed a charitable society called Safia, which offers assistance to the needy. Since 1999 that same work has been carried on by a new organization called the International Charitable Public Association “Safia.” ICPA “Safia” volunteers and staff carry out projects sponsored by LDS Charities. Safia has become a well-known and respected humanitarian organization in Belarus.

Today, Belarusian Latter-day Saints can be found in a number of cities. As of 2017, the Church has registered four religious communities in Minsk, Viciebsk, and Mahilioŭ.

Quick Facts

  • Official Name: Republic of Belarus/Рэспубліка Беларусь/Республика Беларусь

  • Capital: Minsk

  • Largest City: Minsk

  • Official Languages: Belarusian and Russian

  • Land Area: 202,900 km2 (78,340 mi2)

  • Church Area: Europe East

  • Missions: 1 (Part of the Baltic Mission)