Why are Church standards important? How do I get a testimony of them?
December 2022

“Why are Church standards important? How do I get a testimony of them?,” For the Strength of Youth, Dec. 2022.

Questions and Answers

“Why are Church standards important? How do I get a testimony of them?”

They Lift and Edify Us

young man

“Standards are important because they lift and edify us. They also lead us to make right choices, which helps us to be closer to Christ. We can gain a testimony of standards by reading and studying the For the Strength of Youth booklet, which shows important principles and standards for us to follow.”

Samuel C., 15, Brazil

The Lord Takes Care of Us

“Church standards are very important to our physical and mental health. The Lord wants us to be healthy and happy, and He creates standards to take care of us! To have a testimony of these truths, we have to pray to know if they are true, read the scriptures, and keep the commandments. The Lord wants us to have a testimony of these truths.”

Dana S., 12, Argentina

Look for Blessings

“The Church’s standards are important because they help us to improve ourselves and become like the Lord Jesus Christ. I’ve gained a testimony of this as I’ve looked for the blessings that stem from following Church standards. This reminds me of the divine purpose of each standard and motivates me to stay on the covenant path.”

Christian R., 18, Utah, USA

Standards Bring Happiness

young woman

“The standards of the Church bring us closer to Christ. They help us align ourselves to Heavenly Father’s plan, which brings us eternal happiness. When we choose to follow these standards, we can strengthen our faith in Christ and become more like Him.”

Kenison M., 17, Virginia, USA

Exercise Faith, and Trust God’s Will

young woman

“If I choose to keep the standards of the Church, I will gain a testimony of them through the Holy Ghost. We know from Ether 12:6 that we ‘receive no witness until after the trial of [our] faith.’ If we have enough faith to trust that these standards are God’s will for us, we will receive a witness of them in God’s time.”

Camilla P., 17, Hawaii, USA

Obey and Trust

“The standards of the Church exist to help us stay on the covenant path. Even if we do not always understand why a specific standard is important, we can gain a testimony of it by obeying that standard and by trusting in our Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, and our Church leaders.”

Anwyn T., 16, Florida, USA