The Vision
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“The Vision,” For the Strength of Youth, July 2021, 16–17.

Come, Follow Me

The Vision

Doctrine and Covenants 76

Youth Magazine, Global 2021/07 Jul

After translating the Book of Mormon, the Lord commanded Joseph to revise the Bible.

As he read the Bible, Joseph was inspired by the Lord to make some changes.

Joseph asked scribes to help him.

The work was delayed when the Lord commanded the Saints to move to Ohio.

After moving to Ohio, Joseph started his revisions again with Sidney Rigdon helping as scribe.

“We need to resume our work on the Bible.”

On February 16, 1832, Joseph and Sidney were revising the book of John in the New Testament.

“… they who have done good, in the resurrection of the just; and they who have done evil, in the resurrection of the unjust.”

“What does this mean?”

An incredible vision opened up to them.

They saw Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father.

They also learned that there are three kingdoms in heaven.

They were shown that those who will inherit the celestial kingdom will be resurrected first.

“These are they who are … made perfect through Jesus.”

When the vision was over, they were amazed. Sidney was tired.

“Sidney is not as used to this as I am.”