Firm Foundations
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“Firm Foundations,” For the Strength of Youth, Mar. 2021, 14–15.

Firm Foundations

A Wall to Climb

Illustrations by Alyssa Petersen

Twenty young women stood next to me, staring at a wooden, 16-foot wall. Our challenge was to help every girl get over the top. For many of the girls, this was their first year at Young Women camp. The older girls and I were youth leaders, but we had never participated in an activity like this. We all listened to the rules with anticipation.

Each young woman had to make it over the wall. Once someone made it, she could stand on a platform and help pull others up. However, if she touched the ground, she was no longer allowed to help lift the remaining girls.

We struggled at first, but soon we managed to work together and start lifting girls over. Some were afraid to be lifted so high despite the safety protections. Others were nervous using their own strength to reach the top. It required us all to increase our trust and support for each other. In the end, we successfully finished the challenge.

As the final young women climbed down, we gathered to discuss the many lessons from the wall activity.

We all face things that seem impossible to overcome. However, we are not alone. People are all around us to help lift and provide support. Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ are there to give help and strength when we turn to Them.

Megan B., Ohio, USA

“I Promised I Would Come”

I have always wanted to share the gospel with others, but for many years I wasn’t successful. Until I became friends with a boy named Tiago. We lived close to each other, so we walked home together after school each day.

One day, we took a different route home and passed by the chapel where I went to church. I told him that I had been a member of the Church for a long time. I told him what we believed and how much my family had been blessed by it. I invited Tiago to church that Sunday, and he said he would come.

Sunday arrived, and I anxiously waited for him at church, but he didn’t come. Later that week, I invited him again. This happened for two or three months, but he always had an excuse to not come. But I didn’t stop inviting him.

One Sunday morning, I was in sacrament meeting and looked over to see Tiago standing there. I was surprised to see him, but he came and sat down by me and said, “I promised I would come!”

I introduced him to the missionaries, and they started teaching him. Later, he got baptized. Now we’re both preparing to go on missions. I’m so glad I didn’t give up on him!

Meiry R., Brazil

Trust in God’s Timing

My aunt went through a divorce when only her oldest son had been baptized. To maintain a peaceful relationship with her children’s biological father, she wanted to get his permission for their other children to be baptized. Unfortunately, he wouldn’t give permission for many years.

My aunt finally decided that she wanted to have the children baptized despite their dad’s not approving. But after my aunt and cousins fasted and prayed about the decision, everyone received the impression that they should continue to wait.

That same week, my cousins’ biological father told my aunt that he wanted the children to meet with the missionaries and be baptized. I still remember the joy I felt when my mom told me the news. I knew that Heavenly Father had blessed my cousins after many years of patiently waiting.

We may not always know when the Lord will answer our prayers, but I know that He always will. I don’t know why Heavenly Father wanted my cousins to wait to be baptized, but I do know that He blessed them because of their faithfulness.

Bre J., Florida, USA