Come, Follow Me Activities
November 2023

Come, Follow Me Activities,” Friend, Nov. 2023, 10–11.

Come, Follow Me Activities

For home evening or scripture study—or just for fun!

Jesus Christ Is Our Guide

For Hebrews 1–6

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Illustrations by Katy Dockrill

Story: Jesus Christ is “the captain of [our] salvation” (Hebrews 2:10). A captain guides a ship on the sea. Jesus can also guide us to heaven so we can live with Him someday!

Song: “I Need Thee Every Hour” (Hymns, no. 98)

Activity: Draw a picture of a boat on the waves. Then write or talk about ways you can follow Jesus Christ. How does He guide you in your life?

Heroes of Faith

For Hebrews 7–13

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Story: The scriptures say that faith means believing in things you cannot see (see Hebrews 11:1). Hebrews 11 tells stories of many people who had faith. Having faith in Jesus Christ gives us peace and courage.

Song: “Faith” (Children’s Songbook, 96–97)

Activity: Take turns choosing a scripture hero from Hebrews 11. Everyone else asks questions to guess the hero. How can you have faith like the people in the scriptures?

Service Shuffle

For James

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Story: The Apostle James taught that we should help those in need (see James 1:27). Who needs your help?

Song: “When We’re Helping” (Children’s Songbook, 198)

Activity: Have a race! Set a start and finish line. Then move to the finish line by sliding your feet forward without lifting them. The winner of the race chooses a simple act of service for the group to do, like sending a kind message to someone or visiting someone who is lonely.

Help for Our Ancestors

For 1 and 2 Peter

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Story: Our ancestors can learn about the gospel after they die (see 1 Peter 4:6). In the temple, we can be baptized for them and help them follow Jesus Christ!

Song: “Family History—I Am Doing It” (Children’s Songbook, 94)

Activity: Use blocks or sugar cubes to build a temple. How can you prepare to enter the temple?

Giving Love

For 1–3 John; Jude

alt text

Story: Heavenly Father loves all of us! The Apostle John taught us to love others too (see 1 John 4:19, 21). How can you show love to others?

Song: “Where Love Is” (Children’s Songbook, 138–39)

Activity: Turn to page 12 to do a heart craft. Then give the hearts to people you love!