He Is There
March 2022

“He Is There,” Friend, March 2022

I Can Play It

He Is There

Optimistically [quarter note]=72

Friend Magazine, 2022/03 Mar

1. Do you ever feel alone,

Like a hill you have to climb

Is too steep for you?

Have you ever felt so sad,

Like a worry down inside

Is too deep for you?

Then a quiet voice inside your heart reminds you:

Chorus: He is there, stronger than any trouble.

God is there, hearing your whispered prayer,

Reaching out to make you strong,

Letting you know that you belong.

You’re not alone, for He is always there.

2. Do you ever stop to think

What your Heavenly Father sees

When He looks at you?

He smiles brighter than the sun

When He sees His precious one;

There’s just one like you!

So take comfort when that quiet voice reminds you:

Chorus 2: He is there, greater than any challenge.

God is there, watching you as you grow,

Sending comfort in the night,

Helping you know and choose what’s right.

You’re not alone, for He is always there.

So keep trying, keep growing;

Keep praying, keep knowing:

God loves you so, and He is always there.