Show and Tell

    “Show and Tell,” Friend, December 2018

    Show and Tell

    Friend Magazine, 2018/12 Dec

    Primary children in Texas, USA, collected books to donate to a local youth shelter.

    My brother and I went outside on Christmas, and after building a fort, we noticed our neighbor’s driveway had not been shoveled. We knew he was sick, so we shoveled his driveway. After we were done, I walked away feeling warm inside and was happy to serve our Savior on His birthday.

    Daxton G., age 9, Utah, USA

    I followed Jesus by going to the hospital and singing Christmas carols. It made people feel happy. It made me feel happy too!

    Amelia K., age 4, Maine, USA

    I like having family home evening every Monday.

    Izaiah T., age 7, Victoria, Australia

    On Christmas Eve last year, my family went to church early. I asked my dad if I could play the piano before sacrament meeting started. I played every Christmas song I could. When I was done, everyone thanked me for the music I played. I felt good inside my heart throughout the whole meeting. I was happy to do service on Christmas Eve and make so many people happy.

    Audrey W., age 10, New Mexico, USA

    I am grateful for the beautiful gifts, the sea, and the wilderness that Jesus has created for us. I’m glad I can live on such a beautiful earth.

    Timothy A., age 5, Olomouc, Czech Republic

    I love to share. I want to serve a mission someday and share the Book of Mormon, which brings greater happiness.

    Verlann N., age 8, Tarlac, Philippines

    We gave candy canes on a university campus during the stressful finals week at Christmas.

    Ethan and Nellie S., ages 7 and 5, Utah, USA

    This past Christmas, I shared the light of Jesus by sharing with others what I have. This brings so much joy into my heart, as this is something Jesus would have done.

    Chelsi D., age 7, Oregon, USA