Gabriel’s Cello

    “Gabriel’s Cello,” Friend, December 2017

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    Gabriel’s Cello

    Gabriel’s Cello

    Hi! I’m Gabriel. I have a talent that can help people!

    I practice my cello every day with my dad or my mom. My little brother and sister play instruments too. Playing together is fun!

    Whenever I see people who don’t have homes, I want to help them. My mom and I decided we could use our talents to help.

    I started learning songs on my cello. I learned 15 Christmas and Hanukkah songs. On Christmas Eve my mom and I went to a shopping area and played for the shoppers. We had a sign that said “Tips to Benefit the Food Pantry.”

    I felt a little bit nervous about playing in front of strangers, so I just focused on my songs. We played until my fingers were too cold to play any more. I was happy when our music made people smile. And lots of them gave us money.

    We took all the money and gave it to the food pantry. Then they could buy food for people who don’t have enough.

    I’m glad I could help, and all I had to do was play songs! I want to do it again next year!

    CTR Challenge

    “I will only listen to music that is pleasing to Heavenly Father” (My Gospel Standards).

    • This Sunday, read the words of a hymn during the sacrament.

    • Sing or listen to a good song with someone in your family.

    • Memorize the words to a Primary song.

    • I challenge myself to …

    Thanks for Your Hearts!

    This year thousands of children sent us paper hearts telling us how they’ve filled the world with love. Next year we’ll be collecting stars! Find out more in next month’s Friend.