Love Enough

    “Love Enough,” Friend, Jul. 2014, 19

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    Love Enough


    Tenderly 66–72

    Friend Magazine, 2014/07 Jul

    Wise enough to seek the Light,

    Strong enough to stand for right,

    Meek enough to be advised,

    Brave enough to be baptized,

    Born again as child of God,

    Cleansed in Christ’s atoning blood.

    Changed enough to choose the Lord,

    Staunch enough to keep my word,

    Full of faith from what I’ve learned,

    Clean enough to be confirmed

    And receive the Holy Ghost,

    Gift of God I need the most.

    Blessed enough to bear Christ’s name,

    Loved enough to feel the shame

    When I slip and break my word.

    I’ll repent, by sorrow stirred,

    Then renew my covenant

    As I take the sacrament.

    Christ has love enough for me,

    Love enough eternally.