Make Someone Smile
October 2013

“Make Someone Smile,” Friend, Oct. 2013, 22


Make Someone Smile

Make Someone Smile

Illustration by Val Chadwick Bagley

Did this cartoon make you smile? If so, tag, you’re it! Now see if you can make somebody else smile. In fact, see if you can do it for 10 days in a row (maybe even for a different person each day)!

Helping somebody else smile not only makes that person feel happy but also makes you feel happy too. It’s like giving a piece of candy to a friend and then getting two pieces back immediately. Plus, spreading smiles around is easier than you might think.

Usually, just smiling at somebody is enough for him or her to smile back. You can also do something nice, like open a door for someone or make your sibling’s bed in the morning. Keep track of all those smiles you spread, and then see if you can keep on going!

Who did you make smile?

How did you do it?

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