Show and Tell

“Show and Tell,” Friend, June 2012, 38–39

Show and Tell

I love to bear my testimony. It makes me feel good inside to say that I know that I am a child of God. I always say that I know Heavenly Father loves me, and when I say that, I feel it even more.

Dorian P., age 7, England

At activity days we have been learning the Articles of Faith. At home I have been jumping rope to help me memorize them. My mom writes an article of faith on a piece of paper, and then I look at it while I jump rope. This has made memorizing the Articles of Faith fun and easy for me!

Seadra H., age 8, Arizona

There is a boy on my bus who bosses me around. One day he hit me. I knew I could choose to hit him back or not. I decided to choose the right. I prayed for my enemy, just like Jesus taught.

Stephen S., age 7, Ohio

If anyone ever hits you, tell a parent, a teacher, or another trusted adult immediately.

One day my mom and brother and I were running errands. In a shoe store, I noticed that a lady had left her keys on a chair when she went to the checkout counter. I had two choices: one, leave the keys and someone might take them, or two, take them to the lady so she could drive home. I thought that Jesus would choose the second one. So I picked up the keys and gave them to the lady, and she thanked me. I felt good inside for doing the right thing.

Lacy T., age 10, Nevada

Joseph M., age 10, Nevada

Shannon S., age 8, Wales

Daniel J., age 5, Illinois

Patricia M., age 12, Arizona

Keili P., age 6, Michigan

Gavin U., age 6, Morocco, moves to a new country with his family every two years. He has gone to Primary on four different continents. Gavin likes to ride his bike, draw, and play with his three little sisters. He reads the Book of Mormon every night and is excited to get his own scriptures when he is baptized.

Liam T., age 9, Kentucky, likes Cub Scouts. He also likes to bike, geocache, invent, and play sports. Liam helps his dad mow the lawn. He has a testimony of the gospel and the Book of Mormon. Liam is preparing to serve a mission when he is older.

Tess H., age 8, Utah, is a loving sister and daughter. She likes to dance, play the piano, and read the scriptures with her family. Tess also likes to read stories in the Friend about children her own age.

The Primary children in the Brookville Pennsylvania District met together to learn more about Jesus Christ. They talked about ways they can thank Him for being our Savior.

My Most Important Blessing

My most important blessing is the special-est of all.

My most important blessing stands shining, bright, and tall.

His Spirit stays with me when my troubles start to come,

Because He is my Savior, the Lord of everyone.

Emily O., age 7, Utah