Matt and Mandy

“Matt and Mandy,” Friend, June 2012, 42

Matt and Mandy

Mandy and friend on the playground

Illustrations by Shauna Mooney Kawasaki

Hey, Mandy, let’s go hide somebody’s lunch.

How about if we go teach the first graders how to play soccer instead?

What’s that ring? It’s got letters on it.

It’s a CTR ring. It stands for Choose the Right.

The right what?

Every day we make a lot of choices. Some choices we can make are right and some are wrong.

When I’m tempted to do something wrong, this ring reminds me to make the right choice even if it’s hard or scary.

How do you know which choice is right?

My conscience tells me. The scriptures tell me. Prophets tell me. Plus, I can pray, and Heavenly Father helps me know through the Holy Ghost.

Scriptures? Prophets? Holy Ghost? What are you talking about?

The right choice would be for me to explain.