Catching Christmas

    “Catching Christmas,” Friend, Dec. 2011, 10

    Catching Christmas

    Mother has always been careful

    To keep me from catching a sickness.

    But one thing she hopes I come down with

    Is a condition called “spirit of Christmas.”

    Catching the spirit of Christmas

    Is nothing like catching a cold.

    It makes you feel warm

    And new and transformed

    And leaves your heart feeling like gold.

    Catching the spirit of Christmas

    Is the catchingest of all that goes ’round

    During this season

    When there’s no greater reason

    To lift those whose heads hang down.

    Catching the spirit of Christmas

    Won’t leave you sick in your bed.

    It’ll give you the zest

    To start living your best

    And love others as Jesus has said.

    Illustration by Adam Koford