Friends in the News
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“Friends in the News,” Friend, Oct. 2011, 47

Friends in the News

Keiliana T., 8, Arizona, likes singing and attending Primary. She is excited to go to the temple someday.

Richard B., 7, Utah, likes to make people laugh. He is good at reading, playing the piano, riding his bike, and origami. His goal is to read the Book of Mormon with his family before he is baptized.

Madeline and Brian M., 11 and 6, Idaho, enjoy playing with and serving their family. Madeline makes posters and cards to cheer up her brothers and sister. She likes activity days. Brian likes to ride his bike and play with his seven brothers and sisters. He enjoys church, especially Primary. He also likes testimony meetings.

Abigail F., 7, New York, is an avid reader. She likes sharing the Friend with her three younger brothers: Sam, Paul, and Danny.

Dallin A., 5, Washington, likes being a big brother to his baby sister, Leanne. He is a great helper to his mom and dad. He likes scripture stories, especially the story of Nephi getting the brass plates from Laban.

Lowell Ward

After learning about the importance of temple work, the activity day girls from the Lowell Ward, Nashua New Hampshire Stake, made a temple using empty paper rolls, cardboard, paint, glue, great teamwork, and lots of creativity!

Union Fort Third Ward

The Primary children of the Union Fort Third Ward, Midvale Utah Union Fort Stake, helped clean their meetinghouse by dusting and vacuuming the chapel—they even dusted the hymnbooks! The children also made bags containing winter gloves, a water bottle, and a small package of candy to give to children in need.