Presents for Princesses

    “Presents for Princesses,” Friend, August 2011, 36–37

    Presents for Princesses

    I would that ye should impart of your substance to the poor (Mosiah 4:26).

    Mom and Dad had been using the computer for a long time. “What are you doing?” Kacie asked.

    Mom lifted Kacie onto her lap. “We’re reading about an earthquake that happened in another country.”

    Kacie looked at the pictures. Many of them showed children dressed in torn, dirty clothes or T-shirts that didn’t fit. “Everyone looks so sad,” she said.

    “That’s because they lost everything,” Dad said. “Many of their homes were destroyed in the earthquake, and they lost most of their food, clothes, and toys.”

    “It makes you grateful that we’re blessed with what we need, doesn’t it?” Mom asked.

    Kacie thought about all the toys in her room. “Would they be happier if I gave them some of my toys?” she asked.

    Mom hugged her tight. “That’s sweet of you, Kacie, but toys won’t keep them warm. What they really need are clothes.”

    Kacie thought about it. The children in the pictures looked so sad. How could she help?

    She and Mom talked about it over the next few days. Kacie’s birthday was coming up, and Mom suggested that Kacie could collect clothes instead of presents at her party. Kacie loved the idea. She wanted to get 100 dresses to send to the children.

    With Mom’s help, Kacie made invitations. She wanted to have a princess party. The guests would dress up, play games, and eat princess cake. Kacie helped Mom take the invitations to the girls in her Primary class. She also asked Mom to send invitations to friends and family who lived far away so they could mail donations.

    Kacie and her guests had a lot of fun at the party, but more importantly, they collected more than 100 dresses. Many people responded to Mom’s letters, and before long, Kacie had collected more than 300 dresses and other donations.

    Kacie had a fun birthday, and she couldn’t wait to send presents to other princesses far away.

    Kacie’s family and friends donated more than 300 dresses to help earthquake victims.

    Illustration by Bryan Beach