Praise to the Man

    “Praise to the Man,” Friend, May 2011, 24

    Primary Music Helps

    Praise to the Man

    This year in Primary, children will learn “Praise to the Man” (Hymns, no. 27). These ideas and pictures can help children learn about this song.

    Solve the Mystery

    In 1844, after one of his close friends had just died, W. W. Phelps wrote this hymn to praise his friend. But his friend’s name isn’t mentioned until the last verse. Find clues in each line of the first verse to tell you more about who the friend was and why we still praise him today.

    Clue #1

    “Praise to the man who communed with Jehovah!”

    To commune means to communicate with, and Jehovah is another name for Jesus Christ.

    Read Joseph Smith—History 1:17.

    Clue #2

    “Jesus anointed that Prophet and Seer.”

    Read D&C 135:3.

    Clue #3

    “Blessed to open the last dispensation.”

    Read D&C 112:30.

    Clue #4

    “Kings shall extol him, and nations revere.”

    To extol means to praise, and to revere means to feel great respect.

    Brother Joseph, © 1998 David Lindsley

    “Praise to the Man” was first printed in a newspaper called Times and Seasons.

    And the song had a different tune than the one we sing today!