A Simple Prayer

    “A Simple Prayer,” Friend, May 2011, 14–15

    For Little Friends

    A Simple Prayer

    Pray always (2 Nephi 32:9).

    1. Michael and his friend Daniel were having fun playing with cars in Michael’s room.

    2. Daniel, I talked to your mother. She said you can stay for dinner.


      Go wash your hands and come sit at the dinner table.

    3. After washing their hands, Michael and Daniel sat down at the table.

      This looks yummy.

      Daniel, don’t eat yet.

      Why not?

    4. We need to say a prayer first. Dad, can Daniel say the prayer?

      He’s welcome to say it if he wants to.

      I don’t really know how.

    5. I can help you.


    6. You just need to close your eyes, bow your head, fold your arms, and tell Heavenly Father that we are thankful for the food and for other good things. Then you say, “in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.”

    7. Daniel closed his eyes, folded his arms, and bowed his head. He said a short prayer.

    8. How was that?

      Good. You are good at praying.

      Yes, he is, Michael. And you are good at teaching.

    Illustrations by Julie F. Young