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“Bulletin Board,” Friend, Oct. 2010, 12–13

Bulletin Board

During Conference You Can …

  • Write down words that stand out to you. Some might be faith, love, Jesus Christ, and scriptures. Cut out each word and use string to hang them from a clothes hanger or drinking straw. Hang your mobile where you will see the important words often.

  • Make a list of the songs the choir sings. Choose your favorites and ask your family to sing them in a few family home evenings if they are in the hymnbook.

  • Take notes with different colored pens, markers, or pencils. You can organize the colors by day, session, or quorum the speaker is a member of.

  • Work on conference activities and coloring pages you can print from friend.lds.org.

Journal Junction

October is a time when we get to hear from our prophet and apostles at general conference. Take some time this month to read Amos 3:7 and Doctrine and Covenants 107:91–92. Then write in your journal about something you learned from President Monson or another General Authority.

A Kind Server

One Saturday I was watching a movie at home when my dad said he was going to visit grandma at the hospice. I called to my dad, “Wait for me, I want to come!” So off we went. We went to Grandma Billie’s room, and she was in bed. She was tired. Dad and I talked with her. Every time she opened her eyes I would say, “Peek-a-boo!” and make her laugh softly. I felt as if her soul and my soul started to giggle to themselves. On the way home, I felt warm in my heart for what I did.

Tiara H., age 10, Arizona

Faith in God Challenge

A “Serving Others” activity

Plan, prepare, and serve your family a healthy, delicious meal.

  1. Choose a main dish; a vegetable; a bread, rice, or pasta dish; and a fruit for dessert.

  2. Make a list and have a parent help you find the ingredients you will need.

  3. Choose a day and time to make your meal, and invite your family to help. You can talk or sing while you cook and clean up together!

Illustrations by Mark Robison