Big Brother Isaac

    “Big Brother Isaac,” Friend, May 2010, 22–23

    Big Brother Isaac

    When we’re helping, we’re happy (Children’s Songbook, 198).

    “I want to be the big brother,” Isaac told Mommy after his older brother, Brigham, left for school.

    Brigham had learned to tie his shoes first. He had learned to print his name first. He had gone to school first.

    Isaac tried very hard to do all the things his big brother could do, but he couldn’t tie his shoes yet. He couldn’t print his name yet. He didn’t get to go to school yet.

    Mommy lifted Isaac onto her lap. “I need you to be my helper,” she said. “I want to make a treat for family home evening tonight.”

    Isaac felt proud that Mommy needed his help. Together they mixed the flour, sugar, and cocoa. Isaac even got to break the eggs into the bowl.

    Mommy put the cake in the oven. After it was baked and cooled, Isaac helped Mommy spread frosting on it.

    After dinner, Mommy placed the cake in the middle of the kitchen table.

    “We have wonderful news,” Mommy said.

    Daddy rested his hand on her shoulder. “Our family is going to have another baby.”

    “Another baby?” Isaac asked.

    Mommy nodded. “We are going to adopt a baby girl.”

    Isaac knew his parents had adopted him and Brigham. He couldn’t remember going to the Detroit Michigan Temple to be sealed to his family forever, but his parents had told him about that special day. All of his family, including his grandparents, had been there.

    “I’ll need both of you to be helpers,” Mommy told Brigham and Isaac.

    “I can do that,” Brigham said.

    Isaac smiled a big smile. “And I get to be the big brother.”

    Illustration by Eric Barclay