Our Creative Friends

“Our Creative Friends,” Friend, Mar. 2009, 22–23

Our Creative Friends

Jesus’s Love

Jesus loves us.

We know this because

He died for us.

He made us food and gave us shelter.

He made it all better.

We love Him,

And He loves us forever.

Tyler S., age 9, California

Tree Scene

Cloudy, bright, and blue sky.

Very green and empty tree.

Warm and bright and dry earth.

Sophie S., age 10, Pennsylvania

I Need

Prayer is talking.

Prayer is listening.

Prayer is answering.

I need prayer.

Faith is believing.

Faith is knowing.

Faith is hoping.

I need faith.

Jesus is teaching.

Jesus is loving.

Jesus is forgiving.

I need Jesus.

Isaac M., age 8, Utah

Heavenly Father Created Me

Heavenly Father created me.

He gave me eyes so I can see.

He gave me a nose to smell a flower.

He taught me to pray every hour.

He gave me two ears so His words I can hear.

He sent me the Holy Spirit to know that He is near.

He gave me a mouth so I can share

The gospel with friends to show that I care.

He gave me hands to serve with love,

To thank my Father in Heaven above.

Andi D., age 10, Montana

To Be Righteous

We preach the gospel.

We teach the gospel.

We’ll be more strong

With a good song.

We’ll read the scriptures

And look at the pictures.

Alexis P., age 7, Arkansas

Emma W., age 7, Arizona

Mason M., age 7, Texas

Kyandra C., age 10, Colorado

Talia A., age 6, Alberta, Canada

Cassie P., age 9, Utah

Adam N., age 5, Ohio

David D., age 4, Indiana

Matthew H., age 7, Idaho

Cameron M., age 6, Utah

Bradley H., age 9, California

Mikayla Beth F., age 8, Virginia

Bailey M., age 11, British Columbia, Canada

Jessie Y., age 6, Montana

Katelyn S., age 9, Missouri

Madison W., age 3, Washington