The Holy Ghost Is Real
December 2007

“The Holy Ghost Is Real,” Friend, Dec. 2007, 8–9

Friend to Friend:

The Holy Ghost Is Real

The Holy Ghost … will show unto you all things what ye should do (2 Nephi 32:5).

Elder Craig A. Cardon

In my kindergarten class we had a box of toys, and during playtime we could choose a toy to play with. The most treasured of all the toys was a carved wooden train with wooden wheels and a caboose. All the children in my class always wanted to play with the train and caboose.

One day I thought of a way I could play with that caboose without sharing with the other children. I slipped the caboose into my lunch pail and took it home with me. As I did that, I felt bad inside. At age five, I knew I was doing something wrong.

At home, I hid in the corner of our hall closet to play with the little caboose. I did this for a few days. Then one day my mom opened the closet door and saw me playing with the caboose. She asked me about it, and I told her. She and my father then began to teach me. They helped me understand that I felt bad because I had done something wrong. The Holy Ghost was prompting me to do the right thing. They told me that I needed to return the caboose.

Mom walked with me back to school, and watched me as I said sorry to the teacher and gave her the caboose. The teacher told me the consequences, and for the next few days I did not get to play with the toys. But even with the discipline, I felt good inside.

A few years later, when I was about 10 years old, my mother and I went to a special meeting. Because so many people were there, we sat in the choir seats behind the speaker. With Mother’s help I had brought a notepad and a pencil so I could take notes. As the speaker started talking about the Holy Ghost and I started taking notes, I began to feel the influence of the Holy Ghost so powerfully that I couldn’t take notes and I started getting tears in my eyes. I kept my head down, and the tears rolled down my cheeks and dropped onto the page where I’d been taking my notes.

These memorable experiences confirmed to me that the Spirit is very real. The gift of the Holy Ghost that comes to us at an early age is a discernible, recognizable blessing. He will help us know what Heavenly Father wants us to do, and will help us return to Him someday.

Illustrations by Matt Smith