Karl’s Mission
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“Karl’s Mission,” Friend, Nov. 2007, 24–25

Karl’s Mission

Adam and Tamira’s older brother, Karl, is going on a mission to Russia. Tamira and Adam want to be missionaries too. As they help Karl pack, they are reminded how they can prepare for missionary work.

  1. Karl is taking two pairs of shoes to Russia. He will do a lot of walking, so he will need the extra pair!

    Adam and Tamira exercise by playing outside so they can be strong and healthy.

  2. Before Karl goes on his mission, he needs to attend the temple.

    Tamira and Adam can go to the temple when they are older. Right now they can prepare by following what Christ has taught.

  3. Every missionary needs to have his or her own set of scriptures. But even more important than having them is knowing what is in them.

    Tamira and Adam study the scriptures with their family to learn about Jesus Christ.

  4. Karl carries a picture of Christ to remember to be like Jesus.

    Tamira and Adam have pictures of Jesus Christ in their bedrooms so they can remember Him every day.

  5. Karl prays every day as he prepares for his mission. He prays both when he is alone, and with his family.

    Tamira and Adam remember to say their prayers to grow closer to Heavenly Father.

  6. Karl was excited to receive his mission call. He knew he was following the prophet by accepting the call to share the gospel with others.

    Adam and Tamira want to follow the prophet too. They listen carefully to his words during general conference, and try to live righteously.

Karl’s mission
Karl’s mission

Illustrations by Julie F. Young