General Conference Activity
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“General Conference Activity,” Friend, Oct. 2007, 31

General Conference Activity

By Marie Waldvogel

This October the prophet, Apostles, and other Church leaders will speak to us in general conference. This activity will help you listen to them. You will need some type of small snack in different colors or shapes, like candy-coated chocolate pieces, different cereals, or jelly beans. Assign each color or shape a topic before the meeting starts. Then you can eat the snack each time that topic is mentioned by a speaker. See the example below. You can also make your own sheet with other topics.

General Conference Activity

Illustrations by Val Chadwick Bagley


  • Missionary work ___________________

  • Serve others ___________________

  • Honor your parents ___________________

  • Obedience ___________________

  • Reverence ___________________

  • Jesus Christ ___________________


  • Scriptures ___________________

  • Prophet ___________________

  • Family ___________________

  • Love one another ___________________

  • Heavenly Father ___________________

  • Jesus Christ ___________________