Tanner and the Happy Dance
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“Tanner and the Happy Dance,” Friend, Sept. 2007, 30–31

Tanner and the Happy Dance

(Based on a true story)

Men are, that they might have joy (2 Nephi 2:25).

Tanner is very good at being four. He can jump up and down on one foot. He can run in his super-fast sneakers. And he can ride his two-wheel bike.

Tanner is also good at helping people be happy. His big smile and tight hugs make his family very happy.

One day Tanner was riding his bike with his friend, Cole. Suddenly Cole’s bike crashed to the sidewalk. Tanner saw that his friend had scraped his arm and he was crying.

Right then Tanner had a good idea. He hopped off his bike and asked, “Cole, do you want me to make you something happy?”

Cole didn’t know what Tanner meant. But there on the sidewalk, Tanner did a happy dance. He jumped, kicked, and turned around as he sang, “Do, do, do!”

Cole wasn’t crying anymore. He was laughing so hard that he was rolling on the grass.

The next day Tanner went shopping with his mom. While they stood in line, a little boy in front of them was crying.

Tanner knew he could help. He did his happy dance for the unhappy boy. The boy was soon smiling and laughing. “Thank you,” the boy’s mom said.

Tanner’s happy dance has made lots of people smile and laugh. And Tanner knows that when he makes someone feel happy, he is happy too!

Illustrations by Elise Black