Gathering to Zion
July 2007

“Gathering to Zion,” Friend, July 2007, 24–25, 28–29

Gathering to Zion

In the early days of the restored Church, members were asked to gather to a central place in the United States. First it was Ohio, then Missouri, then Illinois. After the Latter-day Saints were driven from Nauvoo, Illinois, they began a great westward trek to the valley of the Great Salt Lake. For years afterward members from all over the world gathered there. Many crossed the ocean in sailing ships. Then they traveled to Winter Quarters (now in Nebraska) by whatever means they could, including riverboats or railroad trains. On the final trek across the Great Plains and the Rocky Mountains, the Saints came by wagon, handcart, horseback, and on foot. After their arrival thousands were sent to settle in other areas of the western United States.

We are no longer asked to cross oceans or continents to gather in one place. All around the world gospel pioneers gather in their branches, wards, stakes, and holy temples. You are one such pioneer. Yours is a spiritual journey just as challenging as the pioneers’ trek west.

Instructions: To honor pioneers of the past, cut out these pictures, and place them on the map, which is on pages 24–25. Refer to the legend to decide where each picture should go. The Kirtland and Nauvoo Temples have been outlined to help you. To honor today’s pioneers who gather in their own countries, place the four families on the world globe.

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Gathering to Zion, cutouts

Illustrations by Brandon Dorman

Gathering to Zion, left page
Gathering to Zion, right page

Illustrations by Brandon Dorman

Voyage of the Brooklyn

In 1846 (the year before the pioneers arrived in the Salt Lake Valley) some 220 Latter-day Saints sailed to California around the southern tip of South America on the Brooklyn. On the five-month, 17,000-mile (27,000-km) voyage they were hit by storms, and 12 died. After their arrival in Yerba Buena (now San Francisco), some stayed in California and others traveled to Utah.

The Mormon Battalion

In 1846 the United States government asked a group of Latter-day Saint men to fight in the Mexican War. They marched from Council Bluffs, Iowa, almost 2,000 miles (3,200 km) to California, earning much-needed money to help the Saints. They never had to fight a battle but completed one of the longest infantry marches in history.

Salt Lake City
New York

Gathering to Ohio
Gathering to Missouri
Gathering to Illinois
The pioneer trek
The Mormon Battalion
Voyage of the Brooklyn
Colonizing expeditions
Ships from Europe