Changing Places

    “Changing Places,” Friend, June 2007, 34

    Changing Places

    My daddy is my fav’rite pal. … It’s plain to see I want to be like him in ev’ry way (Children’s Songbook, 211).

    Picture story

    Illustrations by Elise Black

    Jacob likes to watch Daddy get ready for work. Daddy buttons his shirt and tucks it into his pants. Then Daddy puts socks and shoes on his feet. Jacob sees Daddy put a hat on his head. Daddy wears a coat and gloves because it’s cold outside. When Daddy comes home from work, Jacob puts Daddy’s shoes on his feet. They are too big. He puts Daddy’s hat on his head. It covers his eyes. He tries on Daddy’s coat. It drags on the floor. Daddy’s gloves are too big for Jacob’s hands. Daddy laughs. He puts on Jacob’s shoes. They are too small. The shoes cover only two toes on his feet. He puts on Jacob’s hat. It is too small. Jacob’s coat fits of one of Daddy’s arms. Jacob’s gloves only cover Daddy’s fingers on his hands. Jacob sees Daddy and laughs. Jacob likes playing dress up. He and Daddy have fun changing places!