Helping Trisha
April 2007

“Helping Trisha,” Friend, Apr. 2007, 32–33

Helping Trisha

(Based on a true story)

In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world (John 16:33).

Andy’s little sister, Trisha, had been born with many health problems. She needed extra help to do even the smallest thing. Trisha was 18 months old, but she couldn’t walk or sit up or even roll over. She couldn’t feed herself and had to eat through a tube.

Andy’s daddy, grandpa, and uncles had given Trisha many blessings, and Andy wanted to do something to help her too. He set a goal to help her do the things she couldn’t do for herself.

Every day Andy looked for ways to help Trisha. When he saw her trying to roll over, he gently helped her roll from her tummy to her back. When she struggled to sit up, Andy supported her.

One evening after Andy had helped Trisha sit up, Mommy and Daddy sat down to talk with him.

“We know you love Trisha very much and want to help her,” Mommy said. “But it’s important to let her become as independent as possible. That means we need to let her do the things she can by herself.”

“But Trisha can’t sit up by herself,” Andy said.

“She can’t sit all the way up,” Mommy said. “But she can pull herself up partway. We need to let her do that.”

Andy knew how hard Trisha struggled to pull herself up. He didn’t want her to have to work so hard. “Why can’t I help her?” he asked.

“When she tries to do things by herself, it helps her to grow stronger,” Mommy said. “I know it’s hard to watch her try so hard to do something. I want to help her too, and then I remember that Heavenly Father is always there to help and bless her.”

“Will Trisha be sick forever?” Andy asked.

“She’ll always have some problems,” Daddy said. “But we know that one day she’ll be resurrected with a healthy, whole body, and that she’ll be with our family forever.”

Andy knew that his parents had been sealed in the temple, and that he and Trisha were sealed to them.

Andy thought about what he could do for his little sister. He knew that Heavenly Father loved him and Trisha and that He listened to prayers. “I can pray for Trisha,” Andy said.

“That’s the best gift of all,” Mommy said, and gave him a big hug.

Illustration by Mark Robison