Snowflake Art
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“Snowflake Art,” Friend, Jan. 2007, 35

Snowflake Art

Decorating your house with homemade snowflakes is a great way to enjoy winter. Try these tips for creating snowflakes. Remember, no two snowflakes are ever alike.

Diamond Snowflakes

  1. Take an 8 1/2 x 11-inch (22 x 28-cm) sheet of paper and fold the top left corner across the page until the top of the paper is even with the right side. Crease the diagonal fold so the paper lies flat (see illustration). Cut off the 2-inch strip at the bottom and discard.

  2. Take one tip of the longest side and bring it to the other end to make a smaller triangle (see illustration). Repeat this step two more times to make a smaller triangle.

  3. Use scissors to cut designs in the folded edges of the triangle (see illustration). Unfold the paper to see your snowflake.

snowflake art

Illustrations by Elise Black

Round Snowflakes

  1. Trace a small plate or other round object onto a piece of paper. Cut out the circle.

  2. Fold the circle in half. Repeat this step two more times.

  3. Cut designs in the folded edges of the paper, then unfold the paper to see your snowflake.

round snowflakes

Illustrations by Elise Black

Sparkling Snowflakes

  1. To make the snowflakes sparkle, ask a parent or another adult to boil one cup of water and stir in one cup of Epsom salts. After the mixture cools, use a small paintbrush to brush it onto the snowflakes. When the water dries, the Epsom salts will form sparkly crystals on the snowflakes.

  2. Another way to make your snowflakes sparkle and shine is to paint them with condensed milk. Then sprinkle with glitter and let dry.